Many state and local governments have issued reduced capacity regulations to stop the spread of Coronavirus across the country.

To comply with the new regulations, many retailers are turning to capacity counting software that can automate the task of identifying the number of people in a particular area with astonishing accuracy.

“These types of solutions can really reduce the cost of having someone physically count the number of people who enter and leave a store,” says Michael Sheridan, an IoT expert with GuardHyve. “Furthermore, its more accurate and can monitor capacity continuously from multiple entrances. It can take the data from multiple locations and calculate total occupancy.  That’s really difficult to do with people at the door.” 

GuardHyve offers a couple of different solutions that can monitor capacity.  

One uses AI and camera to detect the number of people in a given space.  The other simply counts the number of people entering and exit from an entrance.

Both solutions can push the information to a digital display to advise guests when they are able to enter or send notifications to staff.  Employees can then go restrict store guests from entering until additional capacity is available.

Many businesses are using these systems in places like conference rooms where alerts are sent to cleaning staff who can disinfect the room after each use.

Of course, these systems were designed before the pandemic and have many general business purposes.  The system’s reporting feature is helpful in scheduling staff during peak traffic or just general foot traffic information for sales analysis.

These systems are also useful in large venues where large crowds often create fire hazards if too many people occupy the same space.

“If you need to manage capacity, the ROI for automating this task is enormous.  I think this technology is here to stay, even after Covid,” says Sheridan.

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