Many panic button systems are just part of a larger IoT platform that allow many add-on monitors that can reduce cost and enhance guest experience.

In many cases, once you’ve installed an IoT panic button system, you’ve installed the IoT framework to simply add different monitors at a very low cost.  Some of these products have such a compelling ROI that they can even help offset the cost of the whole system.

Here’s a short list of just some of the add-on features that are available with IoT panic button systems:

  • Refrigeration temperature monitors: Monitor refrigeration temperature 24 hours a day and eliminate the need for staff to manually log them in cumbersome paper logs.  Saves valuable staff time, improves food safety and reduces food spoilage costs
  • Inventory tracking: Reduce the time it takes for staff to track down hard to locate items like cribs or vacuum cleaners
  • Room tray tracking: Identifies when a guest has placed a room service tray in the hallway for pick-up
  • Vendor tracking: Audit outside vendor movements on property 
  • COVID-19 clean protocol compliance: Ensure cleaning protocols are being followed to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  Some systems can even identify when people have left a space and notify staff members that an area is ready to be cleaned
  • COVID-19 occupancy control: Count the number of people in a given space like bars, restaurants and ballrooms to ensure capacity control measures are being followed
  • Air quality: Reliably measures vital environmental parameters, including temperature, humidity, oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, VOCs, Ozone, particulate matter and light level
  • Water leak detection: 20 % of all toilets leak.  Identify leaking units and save thousands of dollars in wasted water bills.  Monitors can also identify leaking pipes to reduce water damage.

GuardHyve offers all of these products plus many others.  Press the “Get Quote” button on our website to have one of our IoT specialists help you select products to protect your company’s most valuable assets.

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